Questran & Questran Light Availability Update

We have been advised by the NHS Specialist Pharmacy Services this morning of the following:

Questran Light: is now back in stock through usual pharmacy wholesalers

Questran: is on emergency/restricted supply via Alliance Healthcare only (Tel 03301028412- they will only speak to account holders and require account number)- prescriptions would have to go through their prescription validation team; The pharmacy needs to email copy of prescription to: There is no quota in place for how many one can order, they will supply quantity on the script.


For those of you whom continue to have problems obtaining Questran From your Pharmacy and are unable to tolerate Questran light then please advise your GP of the document provided on the Specialist Pharmacy Services Website (via the attached link) which advises that Colestipol sachets are the first line alternative to Questran.…/shortage-of-colestyramine-powder-…/