Small, Frequest & Simple Meals


Other advice when trying to control your symptoms by taking control of your diet is in your meal quantities. If you try eating smaller, more frequent meals then food ends up in your digestive tract more often, therefore using up more of your bile salts more often and resulting in less acid getting straight through to your colon.

Eating less and more frequently should also help control other unwanted symptoms of bloating, wind and acid reflux.

Typical food triggers for those suffering with these above irritating symptoms include dairy, onions & garlic, tomatoes, some fruits and spicy food in particular. My advice is to keep your food simple, at least at first.

Most of us who have been diagnosed with BAD have suffered for many years and our guts are now super sensitive and super delicate. Even though taking your medication will help your digestive system soak up the excess bile acid, your stomach lining is probably still damaged and your digestive system as a whole will take time to settle down.

Small, frequent, simple meals should help to manage your symptoms and manage any flare ups that you might have. No matter how regularly I take my medication I know I still suffer with flare ups and bad times when my symptoms get worse. At these times specifically I would suggest going back to small, frequent, simple meals until your flare up has passed. I find foods such as plain white rice, plain baked potatoes, steamed vegetables, grilled chicken or white fish, low fat yogurt, toast as well as drinks like peppermint tea, green tea and lemon water all help.