Other Food Triggers


As touched on above you might be wondering about other food triggers like gluten, dairy or soy. I found it incredibly hard to work out, even with months and months worth of food diaries, whether I was 'really' triggered by these other foods or whether my symptoms of BAD were masking my ability to understand what was triggering me and what was not.

Under the advice of my Gastroenterologist and my dietician, as soon as I began taking my bile binder medication I started reintroducing gluten and dairy back into my diet to allow me to base my symptom checking on a 'normal' diet. And, on a personal note, I was totally amazed to realise that I never was gluten or dairy intolerant, for me it was all about the fat digestion. If I keep to a no dairy, low gluten and low fat diet I am, most of the time, able to eat normally. But I know everyone is different. You might not be as lucky as me.

Gluten Free

If gluten free works for you (perhaps you also have Coeliac disease or a wheat intolerance) then adjust your choices accordingly. From years of eating gluten free I can promise you that there are lots of great alternatives to pasta, bread and flour which are all gluten free. The only downside is you will have to spend more money for them and you will probably have to shop around for them to find the products/brands that you prefer.

As a starting point I would advise shopping at these following retailers alongside your supermarkets to get a wider choice of gluten free items: Holland & Barrett, Planet Organic, Whole Foods and online retailers like Goodness Direct.

Dairy Free

If dairy free works for you (perhaps you are also lactose-intolerant) then look for vegan items to add to your regular shopping. The same retailers above all stock an excellent range of vegan cheese, milk, chocolate, desserts, yogurts and ice creams. Most supermarkets are widening their dairy-free choices hugely at the moment and you will be able to find a small choice of vegan cheese, milk and ice creams in all of the high street supermarkets.