NICE SeCHAT Review Update

In February 2016 NICE (National Institute of Clinical Excellence) put out a call for comments on their review of the NICE guidance on SeHCAT testing and the recommendation to place the guidance on the static list. Their rationale for moving to the static list was that there was insufficient evidence on treatment tolerability to support SeHCAT testing for diagnosing the condition. BAD UK responded to the comment call expressing concern about the decision. We informed NICE of the positive impact having a diagnosis of the condition has on sufferers emotional, social and physical wellbeing and shared with them the findings from the Survey undertaken with the BSM Facebook group.  

Subsequently in March 16 NICE have advised that following reviewing responses from stake holders and becoming aware of the plans to update guidelines which could impact upon the position of the SeHCAT test in the diagnostic pathway for people with chronic diarrhoea they have decided to defer the review until March 17.