BMJ Open Gastroenterology Publication


Living with the physical and emotional impact of our condition is tough and the ongoing lack of awareness amongst clinicians and the general public makes it even tougher.

In December 2014 we decided we wanted to change things and speak out about how our condition has and continues to impact on our lives from a patients perspective. With the skills of Lawrence Kelman and Clare Pitchford (from the bile malabsorption Facebook group) and Michelle O'Connor (our Charity Secretary) BAD UK undertook a survey which 100 of you kindly participated in. We shared the outcomes of the survey with Professor Julian Walters , Professor Ramesh P Arasaradnam and Dr Ayman Bannaga whom advised that the survey findings from the patients perspective warranted submission to the British Medical Journal Open Gastroenterology for publication.

We are delighted and very excited to share that our article, which can be accessed here, was accepted by BMJ Gastroenterology and BAD UK have utilised funds raised to have the article placed in the open on line section so it is free for anyone to access. We would like to thank all of you whom took the time to participate, those of you whom have supported our fundraising, Clare and Lawrence for the time they dedicated with Michelle to undertake the survey and finally a very special thanks to Dr Ayman Bannaga whom led the article submission on our behalf.

Please do take a look and share the article widely