Massive Thank You and Good News!

We would like to thank each and every one of you whom has followed / supported BAD UK so far. You have helped us to be an established Charity, raise essential funds and to be in the position where are now of making a difference.

We are excited to announce that BAD UK in the next few months will be:

  • funding an open publication of the BSM/BAD UK survey in the British Medical Journal - Gastroenterology. Many of you will recall we asked you to participate in this survey in December 2015 with the support of the BSM Facebook group. This is a significant step forward in helping raise awareness of our condition but......most importantly it’s the 1st article from the patients perspective of the impact bile acid malabsorption & diarrhoea (BAD&D) has on the quality of life. We would like to thank Lawrence Kelman, Clare Pitchford and Michelle O'Connor for undertaking the survey and our Clinical Support network who have helped in finalising the article for publication. We would also like to thank two amazing donators whom have donated a considerable amount of money, one anonymous and the other a wonderful lady whom is a member of our Coventry group who donated her Birthday monies to our fund!! We will let you know when the article will be published.
  • attendance in November at a UK Gastroenterology conference to raise awareness of our condition! Again another crucial step forward to raise our conditions’ profile and we are so very excited as we have been given our 1st conference stall "free of charge". A special thanks to all of you whom have purchased one of our "Just Can't Wait" toilet cards/radar keys or participated in one of our "unique" raffles at the Coventry Patient Support Group. We have prioritised the funds you have raised to support this conference and Jonathan Briscoe, Penny Clarke, Alex Hardwick & Naelee Hardwick have been busy ensuring our conference stall well and truly stands out to get BAD recognised!
  • developing our website. 18 months ago when we decided to progress the Coventry Patient group into a UK Charity, the initial ideas and words we sketched on paper became our charity logo thanks to Jon Briscoe's IT skills. Thanks to Nicki O'Connell's Triathlon fundraising event, we are now in a position where we can invest in increasing our website functionality. We would like to hear your views on what you would like to access?
  • expanding our patient support groups. We aim to have 5 additional groups set up in our 1st wave. London will be the next location in January 17. Please do let us know where you think the other 4 groups should be placed next....and whether you would like to support running a group!!!

Once again, thank you for your ongoing following on our page.